Thank you Len and your staff for supplying me with great products. Your staff is very friendly and professional. The produce is always fresh and in good condition. Keep up the good work!

Kelly Litton

Litton's Market/Restaurant/Bakery

We have used Sonshine Produce for years because of the quality and freshness of their product, their attention to customer service and the fact that they use a lot of locally grown produce. That’s important to us and to our guest as well!

Hugh Wilson Jr

General Manager, Ye Olde Steak House

I have been using Son Shine Produce for the past 6 month and I could not be happier. Your produce is the highest quality and the customer service is like no other. My residents are extremely happy with your products and they look forward to getting them either raw or prepared in recipes. Whenever I call to place an order I am greeted with such a friendly and pleasant welcome and no matter with I ask for, there is never any kind of problem to get it.

I am so pleased with Son Shine and plan on ordering from you for years to come.

Charles A. Lima CDM, CFPP

Dining Services Director, Brookdale Deane Hill

Sevier County School’s Food Service/Child Nutrition has partnered with Son Shine Produce, Knoxville for over 20 years. Our school system is proactive in improving the school meals in being healthier by serving more fresh fruits and vegetables, and Son Shine has been right there with us in meeting those requirements. If a manager has not ordered enough produce for the week, then they will call Son Shine and a delivery will come again that same week…no questions asked. Son Shine delivers wonderful fruits and vegetables; however, in rare cases, if a manager is not completely happy, Son Shine will replace immediately with a smile on their face. They have been very personable and wonderful to do business with and hopefully we will continue our partnership for many years to come.

Mary B. Lee

Food Service Coordinator, Sevier County Schools

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